Teaching is one of the most stressful careers

Teaching has long been seen as a vocation. A career to which you have a calling, and it’s something which you have to commit to, to succeed at. What we don’t often hear about in recruitment media, is the levels of stress which comes along with the job. The National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) published a piece of research in February 2019 which highlighted the effect of the profession on teachers in the UK. It states that 1 in 5 teachers feel stressed about their job, compared with 13% in similar occupations. Not an easy job to do if you don’t handle stress well.

Too much stress is toxic to the body

As an ex-headmaster himself, our founder, Bill Dove, understands the demands of the career. He knows that the expectations on teachers are huge, along with ever-decreasing budgets and larger classes. He also understands the damaging physical and mental effects of stress on the body. Too much stress can be toxic to the body and mind.

Relieving Stress for the start of school

Teachers usually get gifts from their students at the end of the academic year, but the staff at Heald Place Primary School were delighted to each receive a stress-relieving massage from the Metrostress therapists. Working to reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace is key to improving the performance of schools and Bill’s staff were able to help the teaching and support staff to relax and go into the holidays feeling ready for their time away from school.

Based in the heart of Manchester, Heald Place Primary School is a bustling hive of activity with more than 700 pupils on the roll, almost 200 more than there were in 2010. The headmaster is understandably keen to give his staff all the support which they need to perform their roles well, and the therapeutic massage went down a treat! You can find their review on our Testimonials page and more information about the service they received.

We are always happy to give advice on stress-relieving in the workplace, it’s what we do!
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