Reduce your stress and look after your heart

Do you look after your heart? Really? You may think that eating well and exercising is the only way to a healthy heart, but research shows that meditation and mindfulness actually help to reduce stress and the associated symptoms which can damage your cardiovascular system.

Stress is linked to heart attacks, strokes and angina

Chronic stress creates increased levels of activity in your amygdala, which in turn, signals your bone marrow to create higher levels of white blood cells. These white blood cells cause inflammation within your arteries. Inflammation has already been linked to heart attacks, stroke and angina.

Stress in the office has become commonplace; with the impact of the internet and emails, the demand on staff has increased and working late or skipping lunch is not unheard of. At Metrostress, we feel that everyone should look after themselves, and for employers; looking after your employees is the key to a happy company. If you can’t leave your office, there are other alternatives to help you to look after your health.

5-minute meditation

The office 5-minute meditation is a fantastic way to ensure that the stresses of daily life don’t interfere with your long-term health. There are easy ways to fit meditation and mindfulness into your daily routine; using meditation apps for short reflection, or even creating your own 5-minute stress-detox by turning off your mobile and walking away from your pc have been shown to help long-term health. Some of the most popular apps for mindfulness are listed below:

The Mindfulness App
Stop, Breath & Think

Our therapists are trained to deliver mindfulness group activities too which are great for team-building and looking after your employee stress levels.

Small changes to your work routine; frequent breaks, quiet moments and light exercise all help your mind and body cope with the stresses of daily life. Look after your stress levels and you’ll look after your heart.

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