New Year resolutions? Don’t forget your staff!

Many people start the new year off with good intentions, whether it is for losing weight, getting fit, travelling, or just doing the things they’ve always wanted to do. What rarely happens is that employers use this ideal time to make positive changes in the workplace for their staff. Like some of these examples, popular resolutions can include looking for a new job, so it makes sense to reduce your staff turnover by looking after your staff!

Great corporate resolutions

When thinking about your company’s New Year resolutions, look at things from the perspective of your employees. What could your boss do that would make your job easier, nicer and more enjoyable? What would make you care about your job or the company you work for?

Here are a few ideas:

• Involve your staff in any decisions about the workplace; they spend most of their waking hours there, it makes sense that they have some input into the office.
• Be flexible with working hours; whether your staff are parents, family commitments or just need some understanding of their travel problems, being an understanding boss goes a huge way.
• Encourage your staff to come forward when they have ideas and give them credit when they are a success.
• Give praise when it is due! We all love to know that we’ve done a great job.
• If they make a small mistake, don’t criticise, help the learning journey, we’ve all been on it and still are.

Need some help?

Get in touch with us if you would like to invest in your employees’ wellbeing – we have plenty of ideas which can help you to improve staff morale and productivity. Check out our “Offers” page for some of the best introductory deals around.

Start 2018 with a positive decision.

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