Mindfulness can help reduce stress and anxiety

What is Mindfulness?

The word ‘Mindfulness’ is everywhere, but have you seen it and wondered what it actually is?  Mindfulness is the state of your mind being in the here and now; helping you to become aware of your surroundings in all its detail.  Mindfulness doesn’t take any complicated physical exercises or expensive courses, just basic meditation techniques, however to get the maximum benefit, it does take commitment to practice and time. (1)

How can it help me?

The NHS’s website states: “Research does suggest that mindfulness can benefit all of us, not just people with a history of severe depression.”  (2)Many of us are dealing with our stresses and anxiety on a daily basis and, after a while, we accept them both as a part of our lives. After a while, worries and stress can affect our sleep, concentration and mood.  This does not need to happen.

Simple mindfulness exercises can benefit us in all areas of our lives; work-related stress, anxiety and even everyday worries can be helped by practising the technique.  Whether you prefer to do yoga and meditate, or just stick to the basics of mindfulness, the benefits are numerous: being aware of your negative thoughts, improving your focus and training your mind to identify the more critical aspects of stress.  Mindfulness won’t remove the cause of your stress, but it can give you the tools to recognise warning signs and manage your response to it, ensuring a positive approach to your mental health.

Where can I learn more about Mindfulness?

Check out the NHS’s guide to mindfulness and self-help HERE. This link also includes further links to sites which may assist you with your personal development.  Or get in touch with Metrostress for more advice, we would love to hear from you!

(1) http://www.cci.health.wa.gov.au/docs/Info-What%20is%20Mindfulness.pdf

(2) http://www.nhs.uk/news/2015/04April/Pages/Mindfulness-as-good-as-drugs-for-preventing-depression-relapse.aspx



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