Metrostress at Prolific North Live – try before you buy

At Metrostress we like to let our clients’ happy reviews speak for us, rather than to take out advertising. Which means that it is a huge step for us to make the decision to take a stand at the expo, Prolific North, in Manchester this week. For the first time, we will be offering taster massages so that you can see just what we offer to companies, and get an idea of the benefits for your staff.

Taking Metrostress to meet you! 2 days at Prolific North Live

If you have already used our service, you will know that we insist on taking your staff away from their work-station to carry out their therapy. This makes sure that they benefit from the relaxation without their attention being taken by their work. Taking them away from their desk is essential so that the therapy works – distraction definitely doesn’t help! We will be demonstrating our method at Prolific North – by using one of our massage chairs. These chairs are designed to allow the client the benefit of therapy, whilst not being reclined on the more traditional tables. All massage is carried out through your clothes, meaning that you don’t need to undress at all!

We will have information on our other therapies at the expo: Reiki, Swedish / sports massage, manicures, pedicures and reflexology. Come and find out more about these different treatments, and how much Metrostress can help to improve your employee morale and reduce staff stress. We’re always happy to help. Read more about our ethos and working practice on our about page.

Where can you find us?

If you can’t get across to Event City this week, contact us through our about page or call us direct on 07932 044743. We offer you no-obligation advice on how we can help you show your appreciation for your staff, improve their morale, and ultimately help productivity!

Prolific North takes place from Wednesday 28th Feb – Thursday 1st March 2018 at Event City in Trafford. We look forward to seeing you there!

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