Make work into something to love – reduce stress

Are your staff happy?

How many of your staff come into work on a Monday morning with a smile on their face? How many of them go that extra bit further for your clients? Research has shown that employers who invest in their staff, by either giving them incentives or rewarding their commitment, tend to have happier, longer serving employees. They tend to have less sick days too.

Giving your staff reasons to love their job gives them very good reasons to stay with you and they will go that bit further for you.

How can you make work into something to love?

We know that it is pushing things a bit to suggest that work is something to love for everyone, but different industries use different methods to incentivise and reward their staff. Whatever you decide is the best way to motivate and reward, it should be relevant to your staff, not something worthless or just aimed at improving the business. We’re talking about appreciation.

We usually suggest that your activity should be something which takes them away from their work, i.e. not giving them something which is linked to their job. something which can be valued.

Some ideas:

  1. remember their birthdays
  2. let them know that you appreciate them when they go that extra mile
  3. spend time finding out what’s going on by being available and onsite
  4. letting them go home early sometimes, just because you can
  5. talking to them to see what would make their job better
  6. letting them work on personal development to improve their skills

At Metrostress, we believe that looking after your staff has a positive effect on your business. Giving your workforce a de-stressing break, talking to staff, finding out what helps them and gives them the feel-good factor is important.

Take a look at our services page and see what we do to help businesses like yours to appreciate their employees.
Investing in your workforce is the best way to boost your business!

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