How to help your staff to be happy at work

We regularly get asked about what we do, but in a nutshell, we help you to reduce stress in your staff. It’s that simple. Reducing stress in your staff means that they are ready to do their best for your business, they are able to look after your clients, and they are happy too. All great reasons for investing in your employees.

Our therapists are experts in various fields of relaxation: therapeutic massage, reflexology, Reiki, Swedish/sports massage, and manicures/pedicures. All of these are areas of therapy which can offer relaxation and relief to stress, all delivered to your staff at your place of work and away from their workstation in around 10 minutes or so. Most other techniques take time and development, but our therapies can bring almost immediate relief, they also help to improve your relationship with your staff, but as always, the long-term improvement is up to you, the employer.

Can employers reduce stress in the workplace?

Absolutely! Reducing stress in the workplace should be an essential part of office/workplace management. It is more than just ensuring that your employees have everything they need to do their job, it includes loads of other factors:

  • Are you taking the time to get to know them? Getting to know your staff will encourage them to speak to you when they are having problems, it will also help you to be able to identify when they are struggling with their workload or personal life.
  • Be flexible with them. Sometimes they’ll need to leave early, or come in a bit later than usual. Being a considerate employer can reduce their stress whilst balancing their home and work lives.
  • Make sure that they take regular breaks away from their tasks – away from their desks or workstations. For a break to be effective, it needs to be away from their work and preferably in a different room.
  • Hold regular appraisals or personal career development meetings to ensure that your employees have the opportunity for career progression, job satisfaction and to have the chance to feed back their aims, goals and fears to you.

Still not sure? See what our clients say…

Don’t just take our word for it, you can see what our clients have said here we have loads of experience in relieving stress in the workplace. Get in touch with us for a free quote and find out more about stress in the blog section of our website!

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