How to de-stress your staff, and increase your productivity

Do you know what we do? Have you ever thought about what would help your business and your employees to thrive? We have the answer, and the best thing is: your staff will love you forever!

What we do to

We know that it is hard for anyone working in a stressful job not to be affected by the toxic effects of anxiety and corporate pressure. For any employer, looking out for the signs of stress in their staff can be difficult, and knowing what to do can be hard. Metrostress has the experience of managing the effects of stress and our therapeutic massages and treatments are all geared towards not interfering with the operations of the company, but focussing on de-stressing your staff and improving their morale. We offer a range of different holistic therapies (massage, reiki, reflexology, sports massage) you can see the full information and learn just how it helps on this link HERE.

What happens on a typical day with a client

To deliver the best results, we do insist on delivering our service away from your employees’ workstations. It only takes 10 minutes to de-stress each person, and by removing all distractions, we can relax your staff and get them back to their job reinvigorated in less time than it takes for most tea-breaks.

What the result is

Seeing your staff happy, relaxed and ready to get back to work with a smile is something we are always delighted to see. The only impact on your business (other than the cost) is 10 minutes. The result is a long-lasting, positive and productive member of staff.

What people say about us

We’ve got loads of testimonials on our website where you can find out what people think of us. We love re-igniting happiness at work and seeing how important it is to our clients that their employer cares. Check out our Testimonials page to see some of our contented bosses, and don’t forget to let us know what is important to you and your staff.

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