Goodwill is not just for Christmas

Being a great employer isn’t just about remembering your secretary’s birthday, or giving your staff a bonus at Christmas. It goes a lot deeper than that. Being a fantastic boss is about making your business the best place to work. Somewhere which your employees like to come, where they are happy and do their best for you, and where the staff turnover is low. But that doesn’t usually happen overnight.

Creating a great working environment and a strong and professional relationship with your employees takes planning and lots of hard work. Ask yourself; would you work for your company if you were your staff?

Are you a great boss?

Be honest with yourself, how much do you know about your staff? Have you taken the time to talk to them? Giving regular time to listen to your employees and learn about what is working for them, or what they need, is the first step towards great leadership. A great boss should be aware of the challenges and problems which their staff come up against, and keeping in touch with everyone, helps you to be ready for issues before they become a major threat.

Getting it right

There are loads of things which you can do to help improve the working environment for your business. One of the most important starting points, which any HR consultant worth their salt will tell you, is to hold regular and impartial appraisals for all of your staff. It is your opportunity to find out what is working and what isn’t. You can use this to help improve your relationship with all of your staff.

Even simply being there and accessible is a great improvement. Look out for opportunities to help.

  • Let someone go home that little bit earlier so that they can get home or pick up their kids doesn’t cost anything.
  • Get nice coffee and tea.
  • Be flexible.
  • Remember to thank them when they’ve gone out of their way to help the business by working overtime.
  • Remember their birthdays and special anniversaries.

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