Is employee absenteeism affecting you?

Did you know that almost 16 million sick-days were taken during 2016 in the UK, due to mental health issues? This also includes stress, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia; making up more than 11% of the total number of sick days taken in the UK alone.

Lower employee stress levels

Reducing employee stress and anxiety goes a long way towards reducing the effect which the above conditions have on the workplace. As an employer, you can help both your staff and your business by simply being aware of how your employees are feeling, and addressing any occupational health issues as soon as possible. Lowering stress levels have been found to improve productivity and staff attitudes, which in turn, lower employee turnover, and provide stability.

There are a variety of ways to help to improve conditions for your employees; by holding regular appraisals, monitoring employee performance, and by ensuring that you are aware of any issues between staff are all standard practice, but there are other ways of increasing staff-happiness and satisfaction.

Corporate stress management

Encouraging healthy-living and regular exercise are positive ways of directly influencing your employee health. Giving staff the opportunity to practise mindfulness techniques, or even a head and shoulder massage by a trained Metrostress practitioner have a direct effect on staff happiness and stress levels, ultimately helping employees to learn effective stress coping strategies and improving self-worth. Reducing stress and anxiety levels have the bonus effect of improving employee health and attendance figures for staff. By dealing with your corporate stress management issues, you can help your staff and your company.

Google’s management is a brilliant example of how to invest in your employees. They have created a working environment which is focused on keeping their staff happy. See HERE for images. There aren’t many businesses which can go this far, but small changes do help. Why not get in touch for some ideas?

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