Does work get in the way of a healthy lifestyle for you?

How do you organise your daily exercise and lunch? Do you skip your meals or do you sit at your desk all day? You could be making a mistake; ignoring your main meals and exercise could be contributing to ill health and weight gain.

Irregular eating can make obesity worse

Around two-thirds of UK adults are classed as overweight or obese, a survey in 2018 by the UK government concluded that 35% of adults were overweight and a further 26% in the obese category. Furthermore, a recent survey by the Office for National Statistics discovered that almost half of their recent random sample taking place in research amongst adults in Britain (48%) were not finding the time to eat healthily or take regular exercise. Many of the responses received stated that subjects were too tired for exercise after work, or they couldn’t find the time to organise their eating habits. The respondents were resorting to convenience food or eating snacks which were available at their workplace – mainly unhealthy snacks.

The importance of eating well and taking regular breaks at work

Many of us spend too much time working and getting on with the essential parts of our lives but we don’t give enough importance to eating well and exercising. Neglecting our health contributes to many different illnesses and is attributed to rising obesity rates in the UK. The research carried out by the Office for National Statistics suggested that many adults (37%) use social media for their nutritional information and health advice, with less than 30% using the NHS’s website for advice. Being aware of the effects of your lifestyle choices is important, but using a reliable and authoritative source for your information can be the key to success.

This is where employers can help their staff. Creating a workplace with access to healthy food and outdoor spaces where employees can exercise regularly can be a fantastic addition to employee experience. It also helps to improve job satisfaction. All factors which improve staff productivity and happiness. Getting reliable support and advice for your HR department is incredibly important too. Our associates at EML in Warrington have extensive experience in managing and supporting businesses HR departments and they are used to promoting happiness in businesses.

If you would like to learn more about how you can improve wellbeing in your business, please get in touch and we’ll be delighted to help. Get in touch with us here. Metrostress will be giving taster massage sessions at Warrington-based HR law firm EML’s stand at the Leigh Expo.

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