Do you really look after your employees? You may be surprised

Having a good attitude to workplace wellbeing and mental health can be the best way of motivating your staff and keeping a happy workforce in your business, not to mention the benefits of a happy workforce on your profit-margin. Many of the larger companies are putting aside parts of their budgets to help improve their staff morale and build new systems into their HR facilities to help identify those employees who are struggling in the workplace with stress-related issues.

UKFast put their staff first

Manchester-based tech firm, UKFast have gone one step further. They have invested in a leisure and support structure for their employees which put their staff at the centre of everything they do. Giving their staff an on-site gym, yoga and meditation classes, sleeping pods, not to mention break-out rooms, has improved their productivity and general happiness. Their staff are encouraged to go home on time and no one has a team bigger than 6 under them. This way, they are protecting their staff wellbeing and minimising any of the effects of stress.

Metrostress helps you to look after your employees

If you are lucky enough to have a budget for destressing staff, creating breakout rooms, and other activities, you are luckier than most of us, but if not, that doesn’t mean that your staff members have to miss out. There are other ways of creating a great work atmosphere which can help you to improve both your company’s relationship with your staff and help to subsequently improve your customers experience. Over our years of de-stressing employees in the workplace, we have seen a few and here are just a few ideas which we came up with:

  • Don’t let your staff work too much overtime. It contributes to tiredness, stress and ultimately impacts on their health.
  • Try not to expect them to work outside of their job description. Adding to someone’s workload can be stressful and some staff may not tell you when they are struggling.
  • Let them go home early. No, we don’t mean every day! Giving them the chance to have a bit of time back when times are quiet can improve your relationship with your staff, giving them more incentive to help you out during the busy times.
  • Keep an eye on those employees who tend to work through their lunchtime. They need to be having a break from their job and they can be suffering from stress. Encourage your staff to make use of their breaks.
  • Reward your staff for their loyalty

Of course, there are many more ways of improving morale, reducing stress, and helping your staff in the workplace. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin for more of our stress-busting tips. And don’t forget, if you would like to find out more about our de-stressing service, get in touch with us for a chat, or check out our client testimonials page.

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