BSI – Protecting your employees from stress-related illness

If we were to ask you what would be on your top ten problems in your business, what would be the chance that sick days would be on the list? Quite high?

No one likes being ill, and it’s not an attractive statistic, but in 2016 there was in the region of 137 million, yes you read that right, 137 million sick days taken in the UK alone, with a large chunk of these caused by mental health issues.

Sickness is subsequently costing business owners £9 billion in sick-pay costs and this figure has now become a significant problem for UK industry. The British Standards Institution (BSI) has now issued a code of practice to businesses to help them identify and manage their staff wellbeing and protect their businesses.

What is BSI Guidance PAS 3002?

The code of practice asks for businesses to build the following into their hr management:

  1. Capitalise on diversity and inclusion as an organisational strength
  2. Proactively support the physical and psychological health and wellbeing of workers
  3. Foster a work culture that offers strong, ethical relationships, a collaborative and communicative management style, and an organisational culture in which learning and development are encouraged
  4. Ensure jobs are designed so that they offer meaningful work; and
  5. Support good people management policies and practices

At Metrostress, we advocate an open and approachable attitude in the workplace. Talking to your staff and having a good and strong system in place for managing stress and illness before it becomes a problem and assisting them in their own personal development.

How can you be a great employer?

Read more in our blog posts to learn more about different ways you can create a great workplace for your staff. Learn how to notice when problems are building and how to sort them quickly and what you can do to be the employer who everyone wants to work for.

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