A few of the companies who we work with

Our Associates

Our associates are all like-minded companies which value and invest in their staff-wellbeing OR offer services aimed at reducing stress within the workplace.  We are pleased to be linked with them.

The Work Well Alliance

The Work Well Alliance is privileged to be working alongside Metrostress. Their invaluable stress-reduction services complement our aim to promote mental well-being throughout your organisation.

The Work Well Alliance works in partnership with your company to implement the Work Well Toolkit and develop a culture where mental well-being is supported and developed. The Work Well Toolkit identifies the key issues that lead to staff attrition and absence through stress; supports you to develop and implement an action plan; and evaluates progress at the end of 12 months. The long-term goal is to integrate employee mental health in all levels of the company, improving employee engagement and productivity, and reducing costs associated with staff ill-health, including recruitment. 

Visit our website at www.workwellalliance.com or contact Steve Waters, CEO for a personal, no-obligation consultation to discuss how we can help your business: [email protected] or 07504 635 431.

Sandra Edwards Consulting

Do you value the psychological well being of your staff and employees?
Have you problems with retention and development of the best of your workforce?

Are you experiencing high levels of stress-related absence?

I can help.

I am an experienced personal development coach and advanced hypnosis practitioner.

I design & deliver staff development workshops around resilience, stress management, communication and much more.

I work with individuals to release stress & anxiety creating confidence and motivation.

Contact me for a no obligation consultation to see how I can reduce stress in your organisation.

[email protected]

Mental Health – Fabulous Forty
Fabulous Forty Plus is a site, to assist 40 Plus women like me in managing their health and wellbeing. To look and feel good without having to go under the knife or having to go through painful procedures and expensive injections, but by merely doing activities we enjoy and which benefit our health. By losing weight the right way by improving our fitness, preventing and managing age-related illness, being proactive and last but not least, cultivating our mental health to be able to manage stress and general wellbeing, thus restoring pride, self-confidence, health and happiness.
NHS statistics reveals that middle age women suffer most from mental health problems, trying to juggle career, children and caring for elderly relatives suffer from anxiety and depression more than any other social group. The Mental Health service for Fab40+ is devoted to the improvement of mental health and stress management through Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation.
Visit the page at Mental Health – Fabulous Forty Plus for more information.   Also, contact Raji at [email protected] for 1 to 1 or group coaching on anxiety and stress management through Pranayama (i.e. breathing techniques)

If you want to know more about any of these treatments or activities and how they can be incorporated into your work place please use the link to send your enquiry.