Are you suffering from leaveism?

Have you ever checked your work messages while you were on holiday? You might want to read this

Do you ever sneak a look at your emails while you are on your hols or over a weekend? Do you check your phone messages or accept work-related calls when you are not in the office? Do you feel that you have to? You might be a victim of Leaveism.

Many of us find it difficult to let go of the work reins when we are at home or on our holidays. The feeling that we are expected to be on call or ready to help when needed is very common and (according to a report by Westfield Health) more than 1 in 10 of us admit to answering calls whilst on leave.

It doesn’t end there. More than a third of the report’s respondents felt that their bosses expected them to be available to accept messages whilst on leave and 48% of the respondents reported that they were suffering from stress.

It’s no surprise that the UK’s workforce is suffering from work-related anxiety and tension.

Leaveism is slowly causing burnout in the country’s workforce

Taking holidays and complete breaks from your job are essential to avoid high work-related stress and illness as well as aiding the recovery from fatigue and the demands of a busy career. Employees who do have a complete break from their work responsibilities have the chance for their minds and bodies to recover from the stress which their jobs can create on their lives. They can return refreshed and ready to get back to work. Employees who rest regularly and have time off are more productive and happier too.

Employee management is key to a happy workforce

Although employers in the UK have a legal requirement to ensure that their staff do take an adequate level of holidays within the year, it can be difficult to implement if the employee isn’t willing or can’t switch off from their duties. Identifying the way to keep staff happy and stress-free is a great start. Building great relationships with your staff (we have some great ideas!) will help you to see when they are struggling or trying to cope when they should be taking time off. Check out Dynamic HR’s post on improving your interactions with employees, having an understanding HR department will help you to find ways which bring results and ultimately help your business.

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