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About Metrostress

Improving profit, productivity and employee engagement through well-being.

When calculating profits there are many factors to take into account. Looking at a company’s assets it us good to recognise that the most crucial one in most cases is the workforce.

It is a recognised fact that productivity in the UK is lagging behind many other economies and ways need to be found to improve it in this globalised world.

A lot is talked about employee engagement, but what is it? Essentially it is a  mutual respect between management and their teams. Each looking out for the other to the common good.

How we can take your company forward.


Stress directly affects productivity. This can result from organisational constraints, external pressures or personal issues. Some are seasonal and can be foreseen others more unpredictable.

“Time out” is a proven way to stabilise the bodily functions in times of stress.



A major factor in a company’s profitability is its rate of absenteeism, both short and longer term. With a general trend of longer hours, there is a tendency to increased sickness absence notably through stress.

Physical therapy can help reduce the stress factors in the body.Higher Morale

The direct result of introducing a health and wellbeing program to the workforce is a general feeling of being valued which then feeds into how the employees engage with your customers, be it on the reception desk, on the phone or face to face. As one of our clients often quoted; “If I look after my colleagues, they will look after my company!”


It is true that to be truly effective these interventions are best taken in “works time” not in  lunch break or after work. Just think of it as a health break not a cigarette break – improving health not damaging it.



Obviously there is a cost attached to implementing a well-being strategy. It is important to measure the effectiveness of such a project. One of our regular clients recorded a drop in absenteeism from around 12% to 4% with all the attendant savings in associated costs. Studies in Harvard Business School noted a return of $2.71 for every $1 spent.

A wide array of services to suit your needs


Delivered on a massage chair with the therapist applying pressure to certain areas of back, neck and shoulders through clothes with NO oil. This is by far our most popular treatment as privacy is not absolutely necessary. However, the person should be respected and not approached or interrupted during the treatment. And unlike some other companies we will NOT provide this at the person’s own desk. We feel this is counterproductive and not conducive to stress relief.



A more traditional treatment where the therapist uses oil directly on the skin with a range of strokes and pressures in increase cardiovascular circulation and assists with lymphatic flow. With Sports massage the pressure is usually more pronounced and is focused on particular areas of concern.

As some clothing has to be removed, it is essential that a private room is available for this and again interruptions are to be avoided as far as possible.



A non-intrusive therapy based on the idea that different points on the feet or hands (in the main) correspond with organs or areas. Therefore working on the hands or feet can directly affect larger problems throughout the body at large.


Originating in Japan, this is a light or no touch therapy applied through clothes. It is designed to channel energy or “Chi” through the chakras to every part of the body. Frequent users of this therapy describe a deep sense of relaxation as a result followed by an increase in energy and concentration levels.



Care of the health of hands and feet can often be ignored. First of all, let’s think of receptionists in full view of the public. Healthy hands and fingers already give out a positive image. Then in some cases employees are on their feet much of the day. Taking care of their feet can be a real boon.

Group Activities.


Yoga increases mobility by mobilising joints, stretching and strengthening muscles. Stability is gained by increasing strength and bodily awareness, great for fall prevention. Yoga also works to calm the mind, breathe more efficiently and control the emotions making it a truly holistic exercise system.  Can be practiced from chairs if necessary.



“Typically mindfulness practice involves sitting with your feet planted on the floor and the spine upright. The eyes can be closed or rest a few feet in front while the hands are in the lap or on the knees. The attention is gently brought to rest on the sensations of the body – the feet on the floor, the pressure on the seat and the air passing through the nostrils. As the thoughts continue, you return again and again to these physical sensations, gently encouraging the mind not to get caught up in the thought processes but to observe their passage.”

Mindful Nation UK – Report by the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group.


Pilates is a system of exercises focusing on the deep muscles that provide support for the core of the body. Can prevent and allieviate low back pain, neck and shoulder ache, hip pain etc.



Designed to be so simple that you don’t have to think about how to do the movements, you can stop thinking and start feeling. Using a variety of music genres, participants perform the same simple movements to explore ways of moving the body. This is all about fun and feeling good.

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